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Providing Engineering Support Solutions

VESTEK Systems provides light engineering support for communications and information technology projects. This includes providing civil works; building or modifying support foundation structures; relocating equipment and support structures; and ensuring specification and requirements are met.

We've successfully provide support for the following:

  • Microwave, Wifi, Monopole and Antenna Arrays
  • VSAT and TVRO technologies)
  • Wireless Optical Network Ifrastructure
  • Fiber Optics

We work with our team of professionals to provide you quality services:

  • Cabling
  • Painting of structures
  • Light Construction
  • Civil Works
  • Building Antenna foundations.
  • De-installation of Antennas and Structures

VESTEKSystems delivers high quality, customer-centered business solutions in line with current your local engineering support needs. Our project management team will manage all phases of the project.

Contact us today for and let us know your project requirements.

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