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Who Are We

**PLEASE NOTE: Effective November 2016 - ACEL International, LLC will be changing it's name to VESTEK Systems, LLC**

VESTEK Systems, LLC (formerly: ACEL International, LLC) offers quality, customer-centric ICT business solutions in line with current market trends and innovations. We are dedicated to maintaining a high level of service excellence, professionalism and integrity in dealing with our clients, partners and community. Leveraging a strong engineering and technical know-how, VESTEK strives to add value to its clients by responding to their business and technology requirements.  Our capabilities include:

  • Satellite, WiFi, Microwave, RF Engineering, Wireless Network, Installation and Maintenance
  • Digital Video Surveillance System (DVSS and CCTV) Design, Installation and Maintenance
  • Engineering Services: Telecom Tower Installation & Maintenance Support
  • Information Technology Services (IT Staffing, Enterprise Solutions, Help Desk, Mobility Solutions)
  • Communications Equipment Sales

Our successful contract management has made VESTEK Systems a reliable and trusted partner to the federal government:

  • Contract award Broadcasting Board of Governors, Microwave Maintenance (Prime Contractor #BBG50-J-15-0130)
  • Contract award: U.S. Department of the Interior, Wireless Optical Network Connection (Prime Contractor #R15PX00335)
  • Contract award: U.S. Department of State, DVSS (CCTV) INL Guatemala La Aurora Airport Assessment (Prime Contractor # 687626-03)
  • IDIQ contract Broadcasting Board of Governors, Global Satellite Installation (Prime Contractor # BBG50-D-12-0017)
  • IDIQ contract U.S. Army Global Tactical Advanced Communications System (GTACS) Subcontractor to Harris Corp
  • IDIQ contract U.S. Army Communications and Transmission Systems (CTS) - Subcontractor to Lockheed Martin

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